Astrid Schäfer Real Estate

Your professional real estate agent in Constance & at Lake Constance

As a native of Constance, I know the regional real estate market with all its facets. With over 20 years of experience in real estate and my strong network around Lake Constance, I am at your disposal for all your questions.

At home in Constance on Lake Constance.

Astrid Schäfer Real Estate

Your professional real estate agent in Constance & at Lake Constance

As a native of Constance, I know the regional real estate market with all its facets. With over 20 years of experience in real estate and my strong network around Lake Constance, I am at your disposal for all your questions.

Local expertise

International experience in sales and marketing of high quality real estate is incorporated in my work as well as detailed knowledge of the German and Swiss real estate market.

Above all, I have a large network of international and local contacts that enable me to follow my vocation. I see my task in successfully bringing buyers and sellers together as business partners. Especially in the field of real estate on Lake Constance.

Lea Engler
Lea Engler
30. März, 2022.
Frau Schäfer war eine sehr kompetente Maklerin, die sich zeitnah, professionell und freundlich gekümmert hat. Der gesamte Prozess verlief reibungslos und ohne Probleme. Ich kann Frau Schäfer nur wärmstens weiter empfehlen und bedanke mich ganz herzlich!
Reno Schmidt
Reno Schmidt
28. März, 2022.
Wir fühlten uns bei Astrid Schäfer Immobilien sehr wohl und wertgeschätzt. Wir bedanken uns sehr für die gute und ehrliche Unterstützung beim Hauskauf und vor allem auch für die unkomplizierte Suche nach einem Mieter!
Dirk Boehe
Dirk Boehe
26. März, 2022.
Frau Schäfer hat für mein Haus am See einen perfekt passenden Mieter gefunden und dabei die komplette Abwicklung durch einen tollen, umfassenden Service betreut. Astrid Schäfer nimmt sich viel Zeit für persönliche Beratung und ist eine interessante Gesprächspartnerin. Ich kann Astrid Schäfer Immobilien daher nur weiterempfehlen!
Rainer Trenker
Rainer Trenker
23. März, 2022.
Alles bestens, toller Service, ein absoluter Fachmann mit sehr guten Beziehungen.
Waldemar Schell
Waldemar Schell
13. April, 2021.
Sie hat meine Wohnung in nur 2 Tagen verkauft, und war auch nach abgeschlossener Leistung weiter für Fragen offen, und hat diese schnell und effektiv beantwortet. Auch der Kauf einer Immobilie lief einfach unkompliziert. Würde immer wieder mit Frau Schäfer zusammen arbeiten.
Monika Hafner
Monika Hafner
23. März, 2021.
Sehr Gute 5Sterne Ich bin mit Frau Schäfer bestens betreut.Sie ist sehr-sehr Zuverlässig. Sie hat zwei Objekte für mich sehr gut verkauft, ohne Ärger. Meine Empfehlung, ich würde jederzeit wieder mit Astrid Schäfer zusammenarbeiten. Monika Hafner /Höri
Bob de Boers
Bob de Boers
11. März, 2021.
Sehr gute Begleitung und Beratung bei der Kauf eines Mehrfamilienhaus in Konstanz sowie die Unterstützung bei der Immobilienfirma und Finanzierung. Ich kann Astrid nur weiterempfehlen.
Dirk Kerfin
Dirk Kerfin
10. März, 2021.
Arbeiten seit Jahren zusammen und kann mich über die freundschaftliche, professionelle offene und faire Zusammenarbeit nur freuen 🙂 Eine tolle Adresse für interessante Objekte in toller Lage.
Stephan Burbach
Stephan Burbach
20. Dezember, 2020.
Anfangs wollte ich mein Haus ohne Makler verkaufen, bekam dann aber von meinem Freund den Tipp Frau Schäfer einzuschalten. Das war goldrichtig! Frau Schäfer hat dann in kurzer Zeit den richtigen Käufer gefunden, das Haus entsprechend bewertet und alle mit dem Kauf anfallenden Dinge für mich erledigt! Alles super gelaufen! Ich kann Frau Astrid Schäfer absolut weiterempfehlen!

Your real estate agent at Lake Constance

The real estate valuation is completely non-binding and safe for you.

Purchase or sale

Sometimes life takes a turn and people are faced with the decision to buy or sell a property. The reasons for this are of various kinds: family additions, divorces, nursing cases, inheritances, capital investment or even the desire for a vacation property. Often these are professional changes, combined with relocation or moving away. Or simply the change in one’s own economic circumstances.

“Especially older women sometimes feel overwhelmed to make the right decisions in real estate matters. I would like to stand by you and help ensure that your house is not sold ‘below value’.”

Owners usually choose between two options: Buying or selling – while it would often also be possible to keep the property! Often, structural limitations at the existing site are the reason for the change, such as a lack of barrier-free access. Especially when it comes to living in old age, you should take a close look and weigh up ALL the options (conversion/new build/move). “My job is to make the slightly more difficult wishes of my clients possible. That includes showing you opportunities to stay in your property as long as possible. “

Real estate valuation

Each property is unique. Accurately assessing the value of a property for sale is therefore a complex task and requires not only expertise, experience and good local knowledge, but above all a sure instinct. “Many believe three factors determine the value of a property: location, location, location!” From my point of view, this is just one side of the coin…” The value for the sale of real estate is influenced by various factors, such as municipality, the street, or address itself and, of course, the environment in which the property is located. The structural details also play a major role: size, section, year of construction, structural and energy condition, standard and age of the equipment, as well as any pending modernization or renovation measures and possible expansion.

In addition to the material value of the property itself, there is also the individual use value. It depends largely on how the owner intends to use the property. As is well known, a young family has different needs than a best-ager couple. How, for example, can the family home still be used as a home office? How to create separate living space to be used as a granny apartment or a vacation home? Ultimately, the question is always: How can the property best ensure the needs of its residents? “I sell the added value of real estate! I capture the “now” and check which possibilities or alternatives can possibly be designed from it”.

How much is your property worth? How to sell and advertise a property professionally? I will be happy to advise you on this! You can calculate an initial estimate of the market value yourself in advance here.

Advisor & Knowledge Blog

News and interesting facts about real estate and real estate sales are published here regularly.

Current offers

I do not present every object online. For me, the customer’s wish comes first. Any property released for sale is first offered to listed search clients and is often reserved in advance. If you are also specifically looking for properties, I will be happy to take your search requests. Please make an appointment with me for a non-binding initial consultation.

Planning is everything

The sale of a property must be perfectly prepared. This is exactly what distinguishes the amateur from the professional! Market-driven property valuation, the compilation of all documents and plans required for the sale of real estate, the inspection of building files as well as high-quality, informative photo documentation – these are the core elements of a professionally prepared real estate exposé. “I would say goodbye to a realtor who didn’t look at the land register first thing…!”

A significant factor in realistic value estimation is checking the building law situation so that a possible expansion is also taken into account.

I am happy to contribute the network of experts I have built up over many years. With the right person in place, I help ensure that all necessary work is completed quickly, neatly and smoothly.

Legal requirements

Land register section II

structural extensions

Energy certificate


Object presentation

How do I sell a property? This is the main task of successful real estate agents. “Almost any property can be sold quickly and easily. However, selling it at the best possible price to the right owner is the fine art of the real estate agent.” Well-coordinated marketing, state-of-the-art technology and the right strategy are the cornerstones to successful sales.

360-degree images allow prospective buyers to get a comprehensive picture in advance and save both the prospective buyer and the seller time-consuming viewings.

“Virtual Staging” shows how properties might look, for example, after they have been refurbished or furnished.

“Professional craftsmanship includes a certain skill in selecting meaningful images and striking the right tone in addressing them so that each property can also be easily found by the potential new owner.”

Both the purchase and the sale of a property require professional competence, know-how, sensitivity as well as negotiating skills. I will be happy to assist you in the purchase or sale of your property professionally, promptly, legally, reliably and discreetly.

Customer testimonials


“Excellent balance in mediation work for the buyer and seller. Straightforwardness, effective and realistic evaluation of the object. Excellent design from the expose. Punctual viewing appointments, which are carefully prepared. Professional and serious discussions with the buyer and seller. Competent preparation and discussion for the notary contracts. One experiences a very pleasant cooperation!”

- Claudia S.

Perfect handling

“Initially, I wanted to sell my house without a realtor, but then got the tip from my friend to call in Ms. Schäfer. That was spot on! Ms. Schäfer then found the right buyer in a short time, valued the house accordingly and took care of all the things involved in the purchase for me! Everything went great! I can absolutely recommend Ms. Astrid Schäfer!”

- Stephan B.


To protect the privacy of our customers, we present online only a small extract of our reference objects. Purchase price, equipment and detailed contact information will be treated discreetly and will only be disclosed to serious interested parties in case of verified purchase inquiries.

“Many people are not aware that photos of their property on the Internet attract not only buyers, but also people with dubious intentions. As a serious, experienced realtor, I therefore consider it a very important task to protect my clients from this.”

Gladly advise you and your real estate

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